About Me

Personally, I don’t think I am anything special, nor do I need an about page but I do think knowing a bit about an author increases the ability for you to relate with his work.

My name is ****** *********, and I am just another person who has a passion for writing. It started out with a passion for creating things. I had a very imaginative brain and was in love with science (I still am) so I started with the flying car, the swimming car e.t.c. It developed until I actually did some research on that. I actually started coming up with the parts needed, and the actual science behind making a car swim. But then I found a passion for reading.

I started reading a lot of books, kid’s books, adult sized books, science books. And then I tried writing. At first I sucked (mainly because of my poor handwriting and my writing skills) but then I started writing and applying my extremely imaginative brain unto paper. Suddenly, my parents could understand my ideas and now I just write. Like I said, not interesting. I just try and convey what reading a good book feels like to me, to my readers.

“Description should start with the author’s imagination but finish with the reader’s.”


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