Daily Prompt: You’re A Winner

Format: Prose

Set: Modern Day Perth, Australia

The couch, my only friend these days; she hasn’t left me yet. You see, when you work a 12 hour job, can’t afford a car, and live fifteen minutes (by car) from any mode of public transport, your friends sleep and comfort, tend to leave you.

I used to have a nice job, a comfy 9 hour job, that paid 9 grand a month and a house of my own but then the business almost went bankrupt and we had to make a few cuts. I was cut but managed to change my bosses mind, now I earn 3 grand a month and can barely pay my rent.

Nowadays I just wake up at 5, get to work by 7. Eat breakfast by 7:15 and start by 8. Get home on a 2 hour long journey (1hour and 30 minutes are spent walking), get to the convenience store, pick up a meal and a scratchie. Come home and watch the evening lottery.

This day was a bit different, I got cut (again). So I went home and did my routine. Just as I found out that I was evicted and only had 2 days left in the house. The water was cut down but the electricity was still on. I turned on the tv and watched the evening lottery for the last time. The numbers were 23 42 50 09. Some lucky person would have won. Some lucky person that was not me. I looked down at my card about to throw it out like I normally do, but I won! I actually won!

I got my best dress on (sadly, it was a not what you would expect) and walked up to the show. I got a million dollars and luckily for me, the government said a week before that any lottery winner with no source of income, or a source of income lesser than 1 grand a month, does not need to pay tax of a lottery not exceeding 45 million.

So first thing I did was to put 500, 000 in my bank account. Then I bought a new house for myself, and a cheap car. 250k left. I then got a call from my boss, asking if I needed a job. I told him no because I had just applied for a job at google as one of their accountants. I got a nice suit and went for the interview (surprisingly I passed) and I got the job.

Now I have 750,027 dollars in my bank account (with interest) and am starting a job that pays 12 grand a month. Who says dreams don’t come true?


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