A Boy Named Chip

So guys, I’m writing a new book about a cyborg. I’m trying to make it like a comedy, sci-fi kind of thing. So here is the blurb:

Carl Walker is a scrawny little kid who loves engineering so much that he has become known as Chipper or Chip for short. One day, while home alone (pretending to be sick) Carl is hit by a car that smashes through his living room. During the crash, he bumps his head on a wall and suffers brain damage, but being the son of rich parents, Carl gets a chip implanted in his brain to restore some function. The only problem is that something happens during the transportation and the chip gives Carl more than he bargained for: the ability to control technology. But his new found powers are put to the test when a computer virus attacks his town. There is only one boy for this job, a boy named chip.

It’s a series.


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