The First Chapter – A Boy Named Chip

Introduction – Transportation

It was a typical morning in Phoenix, the birds were singing, the flowers were wilting, people were sweating; all in all it was a typical Phoenix Monday morning. 15-year-old Thomas was staring out the window of his math’s class, wondering if the world could be anymore boring. Jill from opposite the school was going to the supermarket down the road to pick up her groceries before she goes to work, a daily occurrence, and old man Bill, the janitor, was mopping the sweat-filled floor of the outside gymnasium, where the boys were still having their ‘break’. Everything was as it should be; in its boring proper place. That is, until Thomas saw the truck coming down the road.

Even though the there were barely any cars on the road, the truck moved at a snail’s pace, as if caught up in some invisible traffic. The words “Happy Harry’s Home Help”, a renowned home furnishing business, was plastered onto the truck in big vibrant colors, Thomas felt a slight chill go through his body; something about the truck filled him with dread. The truck itself wasn’t outstanding; it was a simply dark brown freight truck. In fact, because of its simple nature nothing seemed to take notice of it. The birds overhead kept flying on, the few cars that were on the road just passed it by, as if there was nothing there. That wasn’t all that suspicious until Thomas noted a little change; over the truck, there were no birds; the birds had deviated from the truck and then joined back on their straight line. It was then that Thomas also noted that there were no cars around the truck, it was like there was an imaginary force field around the truck. It was then that Thomas realized what had given him the chill, the truck radiated nothingness; silent nothingness.

Thomas was curious about the truck, especially when it pulled over at he old rusted Miss Masons’ Café And Diner, when the perfectly new Trusty Tom’s was just a half a mile away. What was more curious was that no seemed to get out of the car when it stopped. Thomas eyed the car all the way till lunch; no one seemed to be inside the car. He decided to do the only thing he could do; he decide to investigate.

There was a secret underpass that only a few people knew at school, it lead to the shops on the other side, which was just a stone’s throw from the café. Thomas packed his camera, his glow in the dark florescent flashlight/whistle, his trusty knuckle-duster (you never might know), duct-tape (who doesn’t need duct tape) and a first-aid kit. With these tools in his bag, Thomas set off on a short five-minute journey.

A journey, which was almost halted by a surprising event; football day. Thomas, not a particular sports fan forgot that today was football day in his school, and worst of all, the football lunch parade was supposed to be marching out in front of the main hall, in clear view of the rusted fence that led out to the underpass. Thomas could not enter the underpass without being spotted, that is, unless he had a diversion up his sleeve. You see Thomas was the king of pranks. Thomas set to work creating a slingshot of some sort with some everyday materials; a jug of coke, a can of Mentos, duck tape, rope and a lot of carbonating acid. He set it to explode just in time for his escape, while everyone was getting covered in coke fizz, he would be on his way to satiate is curiosity.

When Thomas got to the truck, he didn’t understand why he was so interested in it. It was just a plain old truck, with nothing out of the ordinary except that he could not see anyone through the heavily tinted driver’s window. Thomas was tempted to turn back and go back to school, but he saw the lock at the back of the truck was unlocked. He decided to open it and if he saw anything he would just take a photo and leave. So as quietly as possible, Thomas opened the truck.

It was silent and dark inside the truck; nothing moved, nothing stirred. It was almost as if the world had stopped spinning and there was nothing left alive in that area. There was no sound coming from outside the truck either, there were no birds flying around there. Even the local café rats tried to avoid the place, it seemed like every thing could detect the felling on silent nothingness. It seemed to Thomas that even the sky stood still. Thomas’s curiosity had its limits, right now all he could think about was getting out of there and back to school, but he managed one last glimpse of the truck, taking in every little detail as he did so. He locked the truck and went back to school, climbing the fence when no one was looking, that is no one but Mr.Davids, the headmaster. So Thomas wounded up in detention for the rest of the week but it didn’t bother him that much.

All that Thomas could think about through detention was the truck. Thomas wondered why a truck would be carrying nothing but if he had ventured further inside, one could hear the sound of subtle breathing. He would have seen men in black uniform so stern and so tough that even his knuckle-duster would prove futile. He would have seen them pointing their guns at him, he would have seen a dark brown box in the middle of two bury men. And last of all he would have seen the bullets. Those were the last things he would see if he had let the curiosity get the better of him. But for now, Thomas was safe in detention, thinking about the dark brown truck and its secrets.


3 Replies to “The First Chapter – A Boy Named Chip”

  1. So, I know you’re Incognito and all, but I was just wondering where you’re from. Something about the way you write…just curious. I’m guessing English is your first language but not from the US? Anyway, I thought the imagery was pretty incredible–I could see (as my kids say) the “movie in my mind!” 🙂 Is there more? I’ll keep reading!


      1. At first I thought you were asking if there will be more books, yes there will be but I will not be posting more snippets from this book (A Boy Named Chip) until its done. Sorry. However, as an apology I will be posting a new short story series, completely online called The Land That Never Was.


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