In Case You Were Wondering

Okay guys,

If you’ve been to my website before (like when I was customizing the theme) or have looked at my profile, you might have seen a fedora with a mustache. You were wrong. His name is Syeve, not Steve but Syeve and he is more than just a fedora. He is … a fedora with a mustache. Okay, the true reason why I put that as my logo is because:

  • Icognito = anonymous = fedora / trenchcoat
  • I like fedoras
  • I couldn’t find a trenchcoat picture (I can’t photoshop well)

So there you have it.

But that’s not all. I recently posted the introductory chapter of the book I’m working on to make you guys interested. I got some good feedback encouraging me to post more. I want to post more but I can’t until the book is finished i.e published. As an apology I will give you a short story series that I’ll start working on: The Land That Never Was. Keep in mind, the synopsis is not yet finished.

The Land That Never Was

Type: Short Story Series

Genre: Fiction, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Post-Apocalyptic


Location: Fort Richardson in Kingston Ville in Bridgeonfort

Time: Modern


The Land That Never Was is a short story series about an ex-quarantined land, Bridgeonfort. It was a land that used to practise mystic arts but was attacked during the New World War (World War Three – Science versus Magic). As a result, radiation, both chemical and magical, leaked into the land and it was quarantined. Eventually radiation levels subsided and it was removed from quarantine. It was at this point in time, that the remaining wizards who had survived the war cast a spell to make the place undiscoverable and impossible to find to those who didn’t know the way. This spell cost the magician’s their magic which dissipated into the surroundings, contributing to the magic residue. As a result, the military remaining in the land (they couldn’t get out) fought with new chemical weapons which added to the already present radiation. Some survived but most were killed or imprisoned. Those who survived sought assistance but could never find their way back. It is claimed that each week, Bridgeonfort moves from its location to another one.


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