The Land That Never Was – Introductory Poem

A story too dangerous to tell
A tale about when those precious walls fell
And fire came out of hell
A story too dangerous to tell
That hellish fire
That burnt through one’s soul with the devil’s desire
That blazed on and on and never did tire
That hellish fire
And those souls
I pray that they find peace
And have a safe journey home
I pray that this war should cease
Cause it’s time like these that one loses his sanity
Its the kiss of death, not vanity
That makes one question the king’s sovereignty
And a god’s divinity
Why god?
Where is god?
Who is god?
What is god?
If there truly was a god, he’ll come to our aid
Whether in light, darkness, warmth or snow
And save us from this ghoulish raid
And then I’ll know
That there is some sort of heavenly power
Stronger than mountains, gentler than a flower
Watching over us at each and every hour
Protecting us when things turn sour
But as the town turns to dust I’m forced to believe
That the illusion of an heavenly power is nothing more than a dream
And as my strength is being relieved
I believed we have all been deceived
And as I lay down staring at my death
I see the giant fiery hole in my chest
Writing with my last breath
I’ve called upon the founders’ strength
Greekus Titanus

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