Percy Holmes And Sherlock Jackson

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Pleased to Meet You.”

Blue, everything was blue. The investigator and his friend/colleague/assistant had never seen anything like it before. The place itself wasn’t that bad, the house was decorated in a modern contemporary fashion but one room, the room the doctor was looking for, was completely blue. The investigator’s friend came to the conclusion that the person they were looking for was obsessed with the color blue, probably a deranged individual. The good doctor was only partly right. “My dear Watson, as you can see my the tint and color of the blue, this isn’t any ordinary blue but sea blue and thus illustrates that the individual has a close connection to the sea.”

“Elementary, my dear Watson,” said the investigator who identified himself as Holmes, as he walked through the door. But what the investigator didn’t tell his assistant, that there was something else. Something about the total unorganization of the room, about the exact shade of blue, that told him that this wasn’t any ordinary person: he was a demi-god. “Two can play at that game, young chap,” said Holmes under his breath…


6 Replies to “Percy Holmes And Sherlock Jackson”

  1. These are great characters, and I’d love to see an actual interaction between Sherlock and Percy, it’d probably be very fun and interesting.


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