Blurred on Inkd Poetry

The day
The night
So frightening on their own
So beautiful intertwined

The blurred line as the sun reaches the horizon
Coming down on its daily decent
And the moon climbs that vertical line
And forms a perfect crescent

No wonder men are driven mad by the moon
While others worship the day
These deities, these monsters
Are powerful anyway

Blurring the line between reality and not
Causing those who forgot
To weep to cry
For no reason, why?

I have no portion here
Just the humble scribe
Writing the words I hear
Recreating the vibe

And as these words don’t go untold
Let these words not be slurred
Let people know
Of the the day when light and light were blurred

I am not who I say I am but who my writing says I am; my characters define me. Like puppets in a play, they tell you who pulls the strings. I'm not who I say I am; I'm who you think I am.

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