It Flows

She sat down It was that day again But still she didn’t feel it It eluded her and made her frown Again and again Why couldn’t she feel it? He walked around Not bothered by the rain He already had too many problems of his to notice it He felt down He felt the pain …



3, 4, and 5; EEeep

Thanks for the nomination, I’m flattered.

Next stop: The End.

It’s clearly a busy week for me, despite feeling so run down. I’ve barely written anything forevs!  I have, on the other hand, been nominated another 3 times for ‘The Lovely Blog Award’ by Clintington on Film, The Black Hat Writer, and Mischief Memoirs separately.  I now smells a conspiracy at work. <.< >.> <.< *dons tin-foil hat*

Since it’s 3 separate nominations I thought it was fair play to list 21 ‘interesting’ fact about myself but I have only made 15 nominations cuz 45 seemed to many. 🙂 Here we go and have fun!

  1. I am totalling unphased by creepy-crawlies. Whenever a poor, ickle bug manages to cause mass panic at work I’m the one called upon to rescue poor Mr. eight-legs.
  2. The only time I backed away from a spider was because Limpy, our 7 legged huntsman spider (who, even with his deformity, was still as…

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Just To Say Thanks

Okay guys I've been putting this away for sometime now because I don't want to feel mushy (that's not the real reason just too lazy), but thank you for a great start to the year. Just this month, or months for those in February, i have managed to have more comments, visitors, followers and views …


Another act to try and connect more with followers: MeWorlde. Write a word about how you feel that day, maybe take of photo, maybe write a poem. Just show us the side of you that was on display that day. Sometimes less is more.