3, 4, and 5; EEeep

Thanks for the nomination, I’m flattered.

Next stop: The End.

It’s clearly a busy week for me, despite feeling so run down. I’ve barely written anything forevs!  I have, on the other hand, been nominated another 3 times for ‘The Lovely Blog Award’ by Clintington on Film, The Black Hat Writer, and Mischief Memoirs separately.  I now smells a conspiracy at work. <.< >.> <.< *dons tin-foil hat*

Since it’s 3 separate nominations I thought it was fair play to list 21 ‘interesting’ fact about myself but I have only made 15 nominations cuz 45 seemed to many. 🙂 Here we go and have fun!

  1. I am totalling unphased by creepy-crawlies. Whenever a poor, ickle bug manages to cause mass panic at work I’m the one called upon to rescue poor Mr. eight-legs.
  2. The only time I backed away from a spider was because Limpy, our 7 legged huntsman spider (who, even with his deformity, was still as…

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