What Is Life – Depression

What is life

I ask myself as I feel the darkness closing in

Strangling me with fear

Covering me in sin


Am I alive

Another question I ask

As the pain cuts me

With a bloody Axe


What is the purpose of life

What’s its aim

Is it to kill

Is it to maim


As the panic grips me

Like bullets

Shooting, tearing off my skin

Until there’s nothing left


I wash my hands

Wash away the blood

I can’t see it in the darkness, but I can feel it

Surrounding me like a sick, twisted flood


As I try to swim, to stay afloat

Drowning, looking for hope

Hope to hold me like a rope

That rope tears, and down I go


I claw

I scratch and claw

I claw and claw

Trying to find a way out till I can’t move no more


What is life I ask

And why does it hate me so

#sad #poetry


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