What Is Life – Joy

What is life

I ask myself as I feel the light spreading out

I feel lighter than air

The warmth crawls in

Am I alive

Another question I ask

As the joy lifts me

Can you go higher I ask

What is the purpose of life

What’s its aim

Is it to heal

Is it to tame

Tame the joy within me

But there is always something left

Laughing, smiling

That joy cleft

I’m surrounded by light

Immersed in the flood

I can’t see it in the darkness, but I can feel it

Kept at bay by the flood

As I try to swim, to stay afloat

Drowning in hope

Drowning in joy

I feel lighter than air, and up I go

I laugh

I laugh some more

I laugh and laugh

And I laugh some more

What is life I ask

And why does it love me so

#joy, #poems, #poetry, #what-is-life


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