Month: April 2015

Dear Guys

Thanks everyone for following me and supporting me, I’m so grateful. The ‘The Land That Never Was’ book series (not completed) is available here. Everytime I finish a chapter I’ll post to inform you. Also the Percy versus Sherlock is available here. Same thing goes with this one, I’ll post every time content is uploaded. Btw, I finished Chapter 1 of The Land That Never Was so tell what you think.


The Icongito Writer

The Mist

She ran. The mist followed her. It felt cold to the touch, but also warm. Like the mist was a person longing for attention. It wisps crawled up her legs like tendrils, pulling her back. She broke free and ran faster. She didn’t care that her legs hurt from all the running, the adrenaline took care of that. The mist was still there, it’s tendrils sucking out the air from her lungs. She ran, and ran until she couldn’t run no more. Then she turned around, ready to face the monster within the veil. There was no monster, she had been running from empty air…

#fiction, #short, #thriller