The True Knight


I’ve often heard many girls say

That they want a charming prince.

Night after night, day after day

I thought there was nothing wrong with this.

They wanted a knight in shining armor,

A man of power and fame,

A person of pure glamour,

But human all the same.

And I began to wonder

What is the knight, you see,

This knight in shining armor

Just who is he

And I began to think about my favorite things

My pens, headphones

And the shoes that I would bring

They all started out new

Fresh and neat

But that is no longer true

My favorite shoes aren’t those new ones

They are the ones that I’ve had all the memories with

They were with me even in the rain; yes those one

The ones that no longer fit

And now I hate the glamour

Cause with the charming prince has been bested

A knight in shining armor

Has never had his metal tested.


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