The Land That Never Was – Book 1 (Ink’D) – Introduction

“So this thing, it’s real right? It’s not just another unexplained phenomenon that’ll be proven tomorrow?” asked a gritty voice.

“Yes, like the many times you’ve asked before, its real” retorted a voice in the front.

“Are you sure? You know that people didn’t believe in like gravity before, right? Until Einstein or Rutherford came in” stated the other man, as he walked through the swarm of mosquitoes. He wasn’t bothered really, the many layers of clothing prevented the pests from making contact with his skin.

“You don’t know who discovered gravity, do you?

“The Aztecs? Moses? I don’t care; I never did pay that much attention in school.”

“And yet you passed” said the slightly shocked man in front of him.

“It’s called cramming. Anyway, the point is that those scientific discoveries were proved; using the scientific model or something like that.”

“Well, what I’m about to show you doesn’t exactly follow the laws of physics.”

The taller man stopped in his tracks; surprised, “I may not have been paying a lot of attention in school but aren’t those laws, sort of unbreakable. Like in a universal sort of way?”

“Well, we as humans have bent the laws of nature; we went from being at the bottom of the food chain to soaring at its apex. We’ve flown, swam, achieved faster speeds than we ever thought possible a century ago.”

“Yeah, but we didn’t break the laws of physics, I think”, the man said as he resumed his march.

“You’re right we didn’t”, the scholar resumed,”But who is to say we can’t? If the laws of nature can be broke, it’s reasonable that so can the laws of physics.”

“Still not buying it. If what you say is true, there is no rational sense to the universe then, which I think, is not possible.”

“Fine!” Jason exclaimed, exasperated. He had been trying to explain as much as possible to his colleague on their way here. “At least keep silent for the rest of the journey.”

The other man complied … for a while.

“You mean to say that wherever you are taking us to, people float in the sky and things don’t come back down?” asked Phike after a brief intermission. “ And you expect people to believe that?”

Worn out, Jason reluctantly tried to explain the situation to his less than average partner. “Yes and no. Let’s say that this thing, this bending of the physical realities if you will. Let’s assume it can be learnt, studied. Let’s say, that over there, people learn it, as we do physics, maths or any of the sciences and like us, or more say like you, there are people who aren’t as talented in these subjects. These people instead, recline to more menial jobs while others are put in positions of importance, much like our mayors and politicians.”

“Are you saying we’re going to Hogwarts? Isn’t there a train we’re supposed to catch?

Exhausted Jason gave up on looking for his appointed guide for the day. “Let’s just stop here and spend the night.”

“Why?, Phike asked, “It’s barely past noon”, he said checking his watch, completely oblivious to the fact that Jason was well aware of the time.

“No reason, just a bit tired that’s all. Would you like to hear a story about where we’re going?” Jason asked, trying everything to keep Phike from speaking.

“Sure, as long as it’s not the one about World War 3, you’ve told that one too many times.”

“It’s not, it’s about what happens after.”

“You gonna start from the beginning again?”

“Not quite, we’re just going to focus on a chap called Charlie, Charlie James Heathrow if I remember correctly.”

“All good,” said Phike as he put down his bags and began to set up tent. “You’d like some tea wouldn’t you?”

“If you could,” replied Jason.

“The British do love their tea.”

“Well, it’s part of our culture.”

“Eh, can’t argue with that. You want two or three cubes?”

“One, I don’t want to get diabetes.”

“Here ya go, although I think the taste will be a little bit sour.”

It was, but Jason didn’t want to know that. “It’s all good, we English drink true tea.”

“Well you were talking about this Charlie fellow, was he one of them?”

“Well, he wasn’t and then he was, and then he was something else entirely…”


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