Once – The Land That Never Was

I used to dream of a faraway land

And a palace so big and grand

That all come near

Trembled in fear

Of its great power


I used to imagine a beautiful princess

Wearing the most extravagant dress

We used to dance

And she would prance

About with my beautiful flower


My room was a dungeon

My glasses made me a surgeon

I played during night and day

The chandlier was a sun

Everything was fun

Until that faithful day

Now I sit down on my computer

Writing report after report

Wondering where everything went

Flowing through the motions

Song after song

Watching my time being spent

And I ask myself

Once, just once more

I wish I could see

Past this veil of ‘reality’

And be back to the good old me

I try and I try

But it never changed

That room still looks the same

I’m not a surgeon

Its not a dungeon

And the chandelier is out of place

I go back to sleep

And sometimes I see

Flashes of who I used to be

The good old me

With eyes full of glee

Oh, full of joy was he


He was once full of joy

Once but no longer

Jason Sanchez


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