The Protectors – The Land That Never Was

I stand here

With my brothers and sisters

Men and women I have known my whole life

Dead and dying

I stand here

In the mist of battle

In the mist of this confrontation

Worried and worrying

I stand here

Not afraid of the demons I can see

But afraid of those that lurk in the shadows, those I can not fight

Because what if they come for you

What if they come for our children

What if … there are so many things they can do to you

These are not people that show mercy

And in these moments, all I want is to go back to you

To make sure that you’re safe

To make sure that you’re alright

But that is the irony of my situation

I stand here

So that you may live

So that you may survive

Because of my curse:

Without my sword I can not protect you

With my sword I can not embrace you

My heart longs for your embrace but it refuses to take it

But I will not stand idly

I will not allow my brothers and sisters to be killed

I love them almost as I love you, us

So I will protect them as well

So I fight here

But I’m not really here

My soul is elsewhere

Within your arms

Within your loving embrace

Safely looking after our children, our family

And there it shall remain

No matter where my body goes

My heart will always be with you

But my body goes into battle

And there it stays

Gagus Triad


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