I think the greatest ability I possess in this world is to smile

And it kind of makes everything worthwhile

I might have had a bad day at school yesterday and gone to be tired

But in the morning I’ll look lick someone running a race – eager for the shot to be fired


You may chew and cut and break my soul

Or if you’re hungry, swallow it whole

But in the night, something magical occurs

It’s a gift from God that opens doors

My soul begins to heal and slowly I lift

My body from that torment pit

And then my soul, I begin to fix

So that tomorrow, next to you I sit


You might want to wipe that grin of my face

Trust me, I’ve been in the same place

I’ve tried to be sulky, to be moody, to be angry

But next thing you know, I’m friends with Andy

And Andy is the guy who slapped me

But I’m still smiling


There’s no place in my heart for hate

There are no locked gates

My heart will heal

That cut will seal

And even if it might take a while

In the end, I’ll still smile


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