A Soliliquy On War

The soldiers were all lined up in ranks
They left for their morning walk
Across the camp, around the river banks
All the while making small talk

They got back to the general, who regarded them with scorn
Until a brave soldier asked why he called them fools
Then the general felt his heart torn
Between treating them as humans, or as tools

He decided to say, with a cold look on his face
Listen up men! I have something to say!
The old general quickened his pace
Listen up men! Remember this day!

War is like inviting death in
In that way, war is worse than hell
Hell curses those who sin
War, too unspeakable to tell

Innocent people die in war
Farmers, children and wives
In war, death always asks for more
More guns, bullets and knifes

If you young blokes had spent many a sleepless night
Tossing and turning, wondering war’s plight
Then you, young men, just might
Go home right now, and hold your families tight

War doesn’t determine whose right
With all those guns and bombs cleft
Like fireworks exploding in the night
War determines who’s left

If you too, had watched your friend die,
Stricken by a bomb from above
Mumbling some long forgotten battle cry
About a country’s love

Or had delivered bad news about a son
Died in the midst of battle
And watched the mother weep for the child she had born
My friend, your heart too would rattle

War is not peace
War is nothing but gory
But at least
Some men die in glory

It is in war that fine men are forged
And finer still created
It is in war that many a path are diverged
And many a life liberated

If you had heard a tale
One that I wish I hadn’t
A story that makes one’s heart fail
And a joyful face sadden

A young man survived the war
Dodged the bullets from those firearms
Said he wanted no more
And went back to the farms

He came back to no home, no children, no wife
The thought chills me to the bone
Of having lost your life
Cause your family was turned to stone

Still, rigid, same as the day they were gassed
One hand still holding the mask
The man didn’t cry, the time for grieving had passed
So he lift’d his arm, and reached for the flask

Drunk he walked, walked to the bridge
Where “I love you” was first said
That young man, looked over the bridge
Pulled out his gun, and shot himself in the head

Here lies a brave man of war
Who protected our home terrestrial
What’s so important, he’s just one more
Another bloody soul lost to the bloody war, what’s so special

And I’m so freaking tired of it
Of all those farewells bid
And that bloody trumpet
Telling a father, he has lost another kid

And this war propaganda
Said the general as he was running out of breath
Is nothing but a politician’s agenda
An advocate for death

The last words the general said before he sent them to their graves:
There is one type of man I fear, not more
I don’t care for the scoundrels, the savages or the brave,
I fear those who have nothing to lose, because their home is war.

Inspired by ‘Dulce Et Decorum Est’ by Wilfred Owen



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