The Other Side

You have all heard the story of Snow White, haven’t you,

But what you heard isn’t completely true,

You all blame the wicked witch,

But it was Snow who got herself in a stitch.

When Snow, the king’s daughter was ten,

She went into the royal den,

She walked around the place,

Until she saw a peculiar face,

She walked up to face and this is what she saw,

A mirrored image alike in every way but different in more.

Just then her father the king,

Came in and an escort did he bring,

He warned Snow never to come there again,

But his warnings were in vain.

Every month, Snow would venture down there again,

Past the snoring guards who she looked at in disdain,

She would open the cloth that covered the mirror,

And talk to the image while sitting on her posterior.

In all this she never touched the mirror once,

But after all she was quite the dunce,

Because half a year from her 15th birthday,

She touched the mirror and it turned gray.

You see, the mirror wasn’t made of any ordinary glass,

It was made of Junda Fundass,

For which, you humans know as,

The magic wishing glass.

The mirror was made to bring the other side of oneself,

So came a girl with white hair, black skin and as short as an elf.

She looked so much like snow but so much different,

It was as if similarity and differences were wrecked.

But poor Snow she didn’t know these things,

She was asleep only to be found by her father, the king,

It was then that the king decided,

That Snow be confined to her bed,

He decided he needed a wife,

To help him tender to Snow’s life.

He put out on the national paper,

That he needed a girl to be in the king’s favour,

And who turned up except Snow’s reflection,

Who turned out to be the King’s selection.

You see Snow’s reflection was the wicked witch,

Who came from the land of Editch,

Where up was down, and down was up,

Where stop was go and go was stop.

But only one could be in the same place,

So the witch was on a race,

She had to get the girl to Editch,

If not she would be in the stitch.

So the girl fell into the King’s favour,

And the queen’s power she began to savour,

She sent the king on a goose chase,

That lasted for exactly 97 days.

And in those 97 days,

The land of the kingdom turned gray,

You see, no matter who you are, you never truly leave home,

And home for the witch was under an epitome.

The queen tried to dispel Snow,

But Snow had made herself known,

So they witch had to bide her time,

Knowing that soon “Snow will be mine”.

Eventually the witch sent Snow into the woods,

And the rest of the story is as you understood.

Eventually snow sent the witch to her own side of the mirror,

With a very good kick on the posterior.

But the mirror is still on the wall,

Not broken, not cracked at all,

And on the other side still waits,

The dark side of the land,  what is your fate?

Inspired by Snow White’s Mirror


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