The Conundrum

It seemed easy enough at first; all Barry had to do was decide which friend he supported. True Bruce was always grumpy and moody, but he had had a harsh childhood. His parents were killed while he was still very young, they died in front of him in fact. Sure his parents left a large inheritance for him, but it’s hard for a ten-year-old to think about money when his two greatest influences died. Nevertheless, with the help of a family friend, Bruce became on of the city’s best entrepreneurs. He also worked tirelessly with the police force to help with the crime in town. Plus, he made sure that he was never out of shape.

Clark, on the other hand, was from out of town; his parents sent him here by himself when they found out things were going sour. He was adopted by a friendly family and came to live in the countryside. Unlike Bruce, Clark wasn’t all that rich yet became a well-known reporter for a big news agency. Clark was one of those kids who was born under a lucky star; he was handsome, didn’t need to work out and had talent to spare. Plus he was charismatic, incredibly charismatic.

Despite the differences in upbringing, Clark and Bruce were friends even though it often didn’t look like it. This made Barry’s job quite hard.

“Soz Supes, I got to go with Bats on this one. You may be from Krypton, but Bruce is one hell of an earthling.” Barry said, before zipping away at Mach 3.

In response to :Conundrum by The Daily Post.


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