White Walls

The prologue of Crown And Throne has just been published:

It had taken him seven sundowns to get to Yorbal; Ishlan’s Capital. It should have taken them only four but the weather was bad and they often had to stop for shelter. Never-mind the bad roads which wound up and down like the tracks of an elder-lizard. Nevertheless they had managed to arrive at Fort Antex by noon of the eighth day.

Nadas and his entourage were greeted by a massive gate. It loomed high over them like a massive steel tower. Adorned with various gems, the structure glittered in the bask of the afternoon sun. Most people would be awestruck or intimidated, all Nadas felt was disgust. One of the fort’s servants came shortly, opening the gate and leading Nadas and his men towards the giant building that was the Antex.

Dressed in pure white, the Antex was the home to the three elders who ruled this part of Ishlan. Statues rose up from its sides like elegantly dressed dancers performing an act. Giant columns rose up from the ground reaching the ceiling, seemingly holding the heavens themselves. The whole building reeked of wealth, a smell that Nadas hated…

Read more at: White Walls


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