A White Christmas

It’s hot out, even though its the middle of December,

Most people would be happy about the warm weather,

But not Chris, he wished the Sun would disappear all together,

So that once in his life, he might enjoy a white Christmas.

He was by the beach again, the sun was giving off heat,

His shoes were gone and scalding was his feet,

Standing there in the bask of the hot sun,

There was no one grumpy, well almost no one.

For Chris was still sulking, his face in a frown,

He looked up at the sky, wondering when the sun would go down,

Cause all of his friends had left, had went overseas,

Leaving Chris with nothing, nothing but unpleasant dreams.

He dreamed of a white Christmas; a parked filled with snow,

How snow felt it seemed that he would never know,

So he walked back to the mat, where the rest of his family lay,

Disappointed and furious as to why he had to stay.

But as luck would have it, a miracle came on Christmas Day,

While Chris’ brothers and sisters went to the park to play,

Chris saw little flakes of white falling from the sky,

And happiness found a way into his eyes.

The snow fell from high up above,

It was white like the feathers of a dove,

And soft, oh so soft,

It was gentle to touch.

What Chris didn’t know and what wouldn’t hurt him,

Was that his father went and bought a snow machine,

After all a boy deserves a present for Christmas Day,

So go out there and fulfil your dreams, your own special way.



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