Long Live The Queen

It was an outrageous claim, but it was the only logical explanation. It was the only reason behind their rise; it was the only reason behind their power.

In the year 2134, the English started a revolution. They conquered most of Europe and almost all of Africa. They even managed to reclaim Australia. After all, the saying goes we’re stronger united, and the Brits were all united under their queen; Queen Elizabeth The Second.

Most people said that she was no longer human; her body replaced by machinery years ago. Xrays have proved this information to be false.
Others claim that she has been conducting illegal organ transplants, the world has forbidden them for anyone aged over 150. All we know is that with every passing day the Queen grows older put more powerful.

And now it all made sense; long live the queen. That phrase was the source behind her power; the more it was said, the longer she lived. And with her colonisation over most of the world, she would live forever. At least long enough to rule the world.

Agent Luke collapsed to the floor, his mind understanding the implications of this. Only one thing came to his mind;

“God save us all.”

In response to You Just Discovered England’s Biggest Secret from Writing Prompts.



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