I’m Not Crazy, Just A Little Insane

Because of my timezone I often forget that the Daily Post Prompt comes in the evening so I think I have already done it. Soz about that.

Julius paced up and down the room, his feet clacking as he did so; he had a habit for wearing tap dancing shoes.

“You do understand that what you are proposing is downright outrageous.”

Evans looked up, his eyes making the same dull expression it had been making all morning; since he first proposed that idea.

“You are over exaggerating.”

“I am not!” Julius exclaimed. He had been trying to reason with Evans for the better part of the day. “Don’t you see that this is a bit too much?”

Evans sighed, they had been going through this routine for a while now and it was starting to take its toll. “For the umpteenth time, it is a quite simple feat.”

“Not for most people,” Dale said as he stood up from the couch; he had left a rather large imprint behind of his behind. “Not for most people.”

“What do you mean not for most people?” Evans intrigued, he was trying to be reasonable here but it seemed like he could actually be wrong.

“You’re asking us to take away part of lives; one that we live with everyday. Not everyone can be as bland as you are,” Dale said bluntly. He didn’t mean to be rude but he wasn’t exactly known for his politeness.

Julius stopped pacing and looked Evans directly in the eyes. “You got to be honest with me here, E. This is crazy.”

“I don’t think so. Insane maybe but definitely not crazy” Evans said as he too stood up; he was on his way to the kitchen. Its hard to talk on an empty stomach.

“What’s the difference?” Julius asked, he was starting to think Evans was going mad.

“mmmmmmmmmm” Evans mumbled through the fridge.


“What I said was crazy people don’t know they are crazy. I know I’m crazy therefore I’m not crazy; I’m insane” Evans said; his head poking up from the fridge. His lips were covered with orange juice.

“Isn’t that from Pirates Of The Caribbean?” asked Dale. He had gone back to sitting down; standing up was too much of a burden considering his massive frame.

“I don’t know” replied Evans, gulping down the rest of the bottle.

“I know that we do extreme stunts but I’m only 21, I still want to live.” Julius exclaimed; it was his last attempt to reason with Evans.

“Well I for one think we should try it, even for a little bit. What’s life without its challenges I say,” Dale countered as he turned of the tv.

“Just relax Jul, it’s only for an hour. Plus we can always flip the switch and everything will be back to normal.”

“…” Julius hesitated; it looked like he would not be getting out of this one. He could always walk away but he would never turn his back on his friends; he liked to keep them in front of him so he could dodge if they tried to stab him. “Alright, but only for an hour, not a second more.”

“Deal!” Dale and Evans said together, their voices in some sort of weird unison.

“I’ll get the cameras” said Evans as he ran off to the closet.

“I’ll get the lights” Dale answered, the floor creaking with each step he took.

“I’ll get drunk” Julius said. He was stupid enough to agree but he wasn’t a total fool. There was no way he was going to get through this sober.

“Welcome back guys. My name’s Julius and these are Dale and Evans. Today we’re going to be doing something totally extreme; we’re going to go without electricity for an entire hour. That means no phones, no tv and most importantly, NO WIFI. Do not try this at home.”

 In response to Maddening by The Daily Post.



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