Alone in the darkness,

Still, alone, frightened,

No one is there, no one is around,

Trapped in a void of blackness,

Cold, afraid and unenlightened,

No one can hear, there is no sound.

Lost in the forest of your soul,

The forest that swallows you whole,

The forest that turns you into a ghoul,

The forest that you don’t want to know.

But in in the most unexpected place,

You find a light,

Soft, pale, warm.

A bright light kisses your face,

A person has finally answered your plight,

You are no longer lost in the swarm.

The firefly that guides you home,

The firefly that you barely know,

The firefly that saves your life,

The firefly that ends your strife,

The firefly that saves your soul.

Here’s to all the guardians looking out for us,

The people taking their time to protect us,

Watching over us as we sleep,

Caring for us, preserving our dreams.

Here’s to beacons of light all over the world,

Here’s to the people that don’t think it’s absurd,

To help a person in need,

To help a person that’s down on their knees.

Here’s to the Fireflies.


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