Like The Clouds

It was cloudy over head; the sky was grey. Jess had just turned on the fireplace and was sitting on the couch in a blanket burrito holding a hot cup of cocoa. She had had a bad day at work and wanted to put it behind her as soon as possible. She looked out her window; the sky was growing darker by the second and it didn’t look like it was going to be getting brighter any time soon.

Jess got up and moved closer to the fireplace; the cheap purchase was a bit too weak even for her small one bedroom apartment. She watched as the fireplace displayed a weird greenish flame – it was supposed to be orange but it had broken a long time ago. Just like her.

Despite all the anger she had been holding all day, Jess found herself melting in the comfort of the fire. Her worries and cares seemed to vanish into thin air. Jess found herself looking out of the window one more time. The sun had come out and the clouds were slowly dispersing.

Jess figured she was like the clouds in someway; all she needed was a sort of warmth and she was back on her feet. Granted, a small flame is vastly different from a billion joules worth of star heat, but it still got the job done. She was no longer moody, just like the clouds.

In response to Moody from The Daily Post


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