Inspired by The Friend by A Glimpse Of Darkness.

I can’t remember when I first met him,

I was probably young;

Very young.

He told me his name was Tim.

He took my hand in his own; his were quite warm,

And led me out the backdoor and into the garden.

He showed me the most wonderful things I have ever seen;

We walked around the house while he lead me by the arm.

For the first time in a while I smiled;

Tim was a true friend and hero,

Helping me out, me who was nothing but a zero.

He had made my day worthwhile.

Tim came around a lot more often,

Mostly when I was crying or sad,

His silly faces would make me glad,

We would play in the den.

When I entered high school,

Tim didn’t come around as much,

It was actually my fault; I was in a clutch;

I told him he wasn’t cool.

Tim still visits me from time to time,

Though very rarely and not for long,

Maybe just enough for a quick song,

For he left for another time.

Oh! How I wish he was real


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