My Daily Life: Buzz Buzz

It’s summer here where I live so that means its fly season again; the most annoying season. Sure I spent most of my days shut in my house like some kind of modern caveman with only the computer screen as my source of light. However, there are occasions, rare as they may be that I have to move outside and that is where the torment begins.

I never understood why a fly would annoy someone, be driven away, and then come back to annoy them again within the space of a few seconds. Today I had an epiphany; just like how dog years are different from human years, maybe fly years are different from humans years. So I went and did the math:

Flies live an average of 28 days (not 24 hours) which when compared to the global life expectancy of 71 years (human years) comes out to have a ratio of about 926.2. That means for every second a fly experiences, it’s the equivalent to 926.2 seconds of 15.4 minutes. That means that when a fly buzzes around your face, a feat that can take from 3 to 15 seconds depending on the size of your head, they are actually taking 45 to 225 minutes.

Still, I would expect that if I was a fly, I would stay away from a giant moving monolith who almost killed me but I guess I’m not smart enough to be a fly.


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