I Had Forgotten – Apathy

I was eleven when my world first fell apart

I was abandoned; left on the street

A boy with a torn heart; an empty heart

A boy with nothing to eat

I gre up fast; I had to

The streets didn’t show any mercy and neither did I

I would fight; injure if I had to

It wasn’t that hard when death was staring you in the eye

I had forgotten how to be merciful

As the years passed my anger increased

My rage never did stop

When I was hurt; I didn’t cease

It was an eye for an eye; a rock for a rock

I had forgotten how to forgive

It was then years later with a gun in my hands

I was about to become a murderer; a man who did all the killing

And for the first time I shot a man

I didn’t feel a thing

I had forgotten how to feel

Years later I had grown up and survived

And I met a nice young lady; her name was Muse

We started dating; she became a part of my life

Why I agreed to that I don’t know; I’m still confused


As time passed she said she wanted to be my wife

And that’s when it started; the abuse

The time had finally come to say goodbye

I was prepared for it; it was expected news


As I left I noticed a tear in my eye

As to why I didn’t have a clue

So I decided to reflect on my life

And came upon a certain painful truth

I had forgotten how to love



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