The Guardians

On angels’ wings, the bird sings, the owl is on its way,

On angel’s wings, the bat brings the raven its morning prey,

On angel’s wings, I start to think, what a beautiful summer day,

On angel’s wings, I start to soar and soon I’m out the door.

You see we have guardians,

They protect us, they care for us,

You see they follow us by day,

They love us, they shield us.

The bluebird wakes, it shakes it wings and soon its on its way,

With high stakes, the rooster sings and heralds the upcoming day.

But there’s something curious about the guardians,

You know, the ones that care for us,

You can’t see them by day,

And by night, they are invisible to us.

The sun makes, through the warmth it brings, happiness come and stay,

Chocolate cakes; a delightful roar, everyone’s asking for more.

You see these guardians are our wings,

They let us soar,

Son now lets think,

Would you rather soar or be bored.

The day is still young, the words not yet sung, about the guardians wonderful deeds,

Use your tongue, leave your jaw hung, appreciate the guardians beautiful wings,

Look up in the sky, don’t cry, just come and fly with me,

Yes fly up high, you’re doing it right, flying people are we.

These guardian wings, yes it seems, that these guardian wings are for us,

Check your back, fly the track, just don’t fly into that bus.

The wings on our backs,

The guardians’ wings,

The ones they gave us, let us soar.

I think we shouldn’t lose track,

I think we should think,

I think we should thank the once more.

So thank you guardians,

For the wings,

Yes, thank you guardians,

For the wings on our backs.


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