The Rascal

Dominik Artsk was bored; the lecture felt like it was going on for ages. It was Scholar Alana’s History class and they were learning about the History of Drai, as they had been doing for the past four weeks. Dominik didn’t understand why they needed to know where Drai came from; they just needed to know how to use it. After all, that’s why his parents sent him to scoil. He expected that he was going to be learning how to use chants and runes; not studying who was the first drai user.

Dom looked around the class; most others were just as restless as he was, some were a bit better at hiding it. Rdon was fiddling with his pen; Dom watched as the pen moved, albeit quite shakily, up and down in the air. It was a basic cast; Rdon had used an elemental chant to manipulate the air around the pen. Dom could do the same, but he had done it a thousand times already and had started getting bored of it.

At the back of the class, Njara and Benemin were both chatting. The girls were discussing something about an upcoming party and that got Dom interested. He wasn’t a seeker or a keeper so he only managed to get bits of pieces of the conversation. A bit or two here about it being done over the break. Dom was eager to hear more but Sch. Alana had turned around. They girls managed to stop just in time but Rdon, however, was not as fortunate. He was caught fiddling with his pen and was given a light warning from the scholar. Dom gave a small chuckle as Rdon promised not to do it again; everyone in the room knew that it wasn’t the truth. Alana sighed as she went back to lecturing; it wasn’t easy teaching teenagers.

“In the early 43rd century, there was a sudden leap forward in the development of drai technology. Snr. Warlock Vlark Hamare had successfully completed the first portable cast. With the help of Lesser Bulwarks Hart and Trule Bondain, Vlark had managed to store drai in portable gems. The gems, when infused with drai, could then release the stored cast. While they were extremely inefficient and ineffective at first, the work done on developing these runes led them to become one of the best drai tools in existence. By the late 52nd century, runes where being used in all areas of life; from the military, to health care to even house hold needs.”

The scholar stopped and pointed up to the ceiling. “Even the lamps that provide us light use drai. The development of runic technologies as certainly helped improved the quality of life on Procul.”

One kid’s hand shot up. It was David Arlson, the only Senior Initiate in the class. Even though he wasn’t that skilled Dom admired David; what he didn’t have in talent he more than made up for with determination and guts. If Dom was David he would have given up trying to become a ranked a long time ago, but David was unyielding.

“Excuse me Scholar Alana, but how did they improve runes to the extent that it went from a negligible tool to one with such a great value?”

“Well, the concept behind the runes were groundbreaking, however their actually production resulted in some key experimental flaws. Firstly, runes required a lot of drai to use. They were bulky, becomes of the amount of drai they consumed and also could only be used once. By utilising layers of runic material, instead of a big slab, it became possible to reduce the size of the rune as well as the amount of drai needed. My purifying these layers, the efficiency of the rune also went up,” Alana replied.

“You said something about the runes only being able to be used once. How did they fix that?” David asked again.

“The reason runes could only be used once was that during the discharge of drai, the runes lost a lot of their dnal; the property that made them able to store drai. By adding a soft breaker between each layer of runic material, the amount of dnal lost was significantly reduced at the cost of the material’s efficiency. Improvements to this technology have enabled runes to be more efficient without losing a lot of dnal; making them suitable for multiple uses. For things such as the overhead lamp, they utilise drai stored in transfer capsule; reducing the overall burden on the rune itself.”

Dom was about the bang his head on the wall; maybe if his skull broke it would end his suffering. Luckily for him the bell rang signifying the end of the day. Dom got his stuff and rushed out of the class before Alana could bid them farewell; he had packed his stuff while he was thinking of the best way to break his head.

Domnik wasn’t in a hurry to rush home, he was going to stay for Bulwark practice; coach had told them that they were going to be sparring today. Dom headed to the changing rooms; he was the first one there. He got dressed quickly, after all, coach always said that the early dragon gets the lizard…

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