What Is This Thing Called Relaxing

Taken from I-I Mean Calm Down by Owl Turd Comix

I’m one of those type B people when it comes everything; well almost everything. I just can’t relax! It’s not that I can’t enjoy myself but I’m mostly just too hyper to stay in one place. I’m the kind of guy that gives a running commentary during movies and tv shows, I don’t like massage chairs or being idle. In fact, my relax spectrum only consists of one thing; sleeping.

Do I listen to music? Yes. But while I’m running around the house, writing random thoughts on the wall and singing completely off tune to a different song. What type of person are you?

In response to Relax by The Daily Post



4 Replies to “What Is This Thing Called Relaxing”

  1. Now that I’m retired I am relaxing all the time. When I was young and raising a family I didn’t know what it felt like to relax. It is so hard to find that perfect place at the moment and so just go with it. Just don’t stress too much! Very good post! 🙂


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