People ask me why I have different eyes

People ask me why I don’t sit and cry

People ask me why I am not afraid to die

People asks who am I

And I just sit there and stare at them

Because creativity is my national anthem

Because at every bend

There is always a way to make amends

I see gumdrops in tears

I see flowers in bears

I see hours in years

I see hope in fear

Creativity is the ability to use your imagination

To use just ropes and glass to create a nation

Creativity is the sudden realization

That there are no cages only suppression

Creativity is mixing what you see with what you think

Creativity is using your brain to solve a kink

Creativity is about drawing smoke in the stink

Creativity is about drawing a link

Creativity is the spice of life

Creativity is imagining a sword out of a knife

Creativity is jumping out of a plane but going for a dive

Creativity is the child who survived

I want to be able to imagine

I want to be able to grin

I want to be able to smile

I want to be able to be me all the while

So my different eyes come from creativity

My lack of pain comes from imagination

My lack of fear comes from the sudden realization

That no matter what happens I am myself, and I am me.


2 Replies to “Creativity”

  1. ”Creativity is an atom of our uniqueness.As we are an atom in the universe.As the earth has a shape.
    Diffrent is the formula of yours.”
    Thanks for this post,love it.❤
    Until you have something to creat you are not done.


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