The Muse – Who Am I

​I went and stood before the panel; the lights were extremely bright

They started by trying to reassure me; everything was going to be alright

They were going to ask me a couple of questions; thats all

But a couple of questions could feel like a firing squad when you got your back against the wall

Who are you, they asked

As if defining yourself was any simple task

As if there were words to perfectly describe who I am

As if I was a very simple man

Well to start off, I don’t know who I am

But from what I’ve been told I can confirm that I am a man

Ive been through a lot of trials and tribulations in my time

Ive seen stars fade and I’ve seen time shine

I really didn’t like the beach

With all that sand and rampaging noise; peace seems out of reach

Im was more of an indoor person myself

My favourite position: beside a nice comfy fire, next to the bookshelf

I’ve been hurt before and I’ve been abused

Sorrow isn’t some unknown News

But like all good times must come with the bad

I’ve also been happy after I’ve been sad

I loved music: pop,urban and electro

Though I must confess I have a soft spot for disco

I danced when no one is looking and I sung in the shower

I sometimes pretended that I have superpowers

I had friends I know and those I don’t

Those who would take a bullet and those who won’t

I had jokes that can make you laugh and jokes that can’t

Like how the leaning Tower of Pisa is just a big slant

You asked me to describe myself in just words

Well I could’t and this is just akward

For a human being is just like a piece of art

I’m more than what you see, I’m the sum of my parts

And when all is said and done

These part are what make the one

So I ask you a question myself if I may

Do you ever think about what you say?

#a-poem-a-day, #medium, #poem, #poetry, #random-poetry, #the-muse


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