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What happens when I’m alone?

What happens when there is no one around me?

What happens when I stand on the brink of darkness?

What happens when I’m about to fall in?


What happens when I slip and fall?

What happens when I can’t see a thing?

Can’t anybody hear me at all?

Am I the only one breathing?


What happens when I start to cry?

What happens when I can’t see the sky?

What happens when I fear that I’ll die?

What happens when tears come out of my eye?


Am I the only one left?

As the entire world been destroyed and spent?

Am I the only one alive?

As everyone else died?


But out there I hear a cry

More like a silent try

To make amends before he dies

Alone in the darkness with no eyes


But he’s not alone, I’m here to

His cry puts an end to my solitude

I thought I was alone but I was wrong

Now that we are two, we are twice as strong


But again I hear a plea

A sound so faint, like a passing flea

But as loud as an elephant’s trunk

We just got more luck


And then she joins us and shares her tale

About being eaten by a massive whale

About being along, blinded, afraid

About how she numbered her days


And then we tell her our tales are more or less the same

And we then ask for each others names

We are no longer alone, no longer afraid

The strongest team, every made


And then, we see the light

What a terrifyingly beautiful sight

We follow it out of the darkness

And out of the blank emptiness


I arrive on solid ground

And I look around

I see not my friends but I know

We have ended each other’s solitude

We have ended each other’s solitude

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1 comment on “Solitude

  1. Right ontih-s helped me sort things right out.


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