Waiting In The Night

“Good night mom, night dad” Clarissa said she fell on her bed.

“Night honey” her parents said in unison; they were already in their bedroom.

Clarissa smiled, her parents were unaware of her secret plan. One that she had been planning all month long. She tucked herself in and waited; her time was about to come.

Fifteen minutes later Clarissa snuck out of her room leaving her door wide open; she could come back in the room without making too much noise. She walked down the stairs tiptoeing as she did so. Her small feet made muffled sounds as she made her way to the ground floor.

She went to the couch; just in front of the Christmas tree. She had already taken a glass of milk and some cookies from the fridge so she can share with Santa when he came. She waited and waited; she was so very eager.

 In response to Enthusiasm by The Daily Post


#daily-prompt, #daily-prompt-enthusiasm, #the-daily-post


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