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By The Riverside

There Is only one place that I lie

A place where days seem to fly by

A place where I would come even if I died

A place where the earth touches the sky

There is only one place; by the riverside

Down where the water’s clean

And where the birds do sing

Down where the sun rays beam

And where the waterfall gleams

Down down, down by the riverside

Because the worries; they just pass on by

And the fears disappear before my eyes

But oh, I think I might cry

From the joy welling up inside

My spot is here; by the riverside

I’m attached to this place it would seem

It’s a beauty the world hasn’t seen

Like a well-oiled cog in a run-down machine

It makes every thing better than its ever been

What joy it is here, down by the riverside

By the riverside

The Icognito Writer

4 comments on “By The Riverside

  1. Aw lovely,inspirational.
    Love it 💔


  2. Repetition worked really well here. Felt like all my problems melted down by the riverside.


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