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Dressed In White

She was beauty among a sea of desolation

Like a rose springing up from concrete

Like a glorious bird blooming in isolation

Her beauty was no small feat

Her personality glowed

It threatened to outshine the sun

Her hair, like moving waters, flowed

It could be matched by no one

Her smile was perfectly white

It could make ice melt

It made one’s soul take flight

It seemed genuinely heartfelt

She was perfect indeed; in all ways but one

To those that didn’t truly know her she was like a godsend

But to those that did; they wanted her to be gone

They wanted the relationship to end

It was quite simple really

But I’ll cut you some slack

If one looked clearly

Her soul was pitch black

Her beautiful brown eyes were pieces of coal

Her amazing smile a lion’s den

The joy of others is what she stole

Her greediness knew no end

So sadly I left and went on my way

I had thought she was my angel; my partner for life

But it had become apparent; clear as day

She was a demon dressed in white

4 comments on “Dressed In White

  1. Aaah
    The END of it – She was a demon dressed in white.


  2. A poem that stole the spot light! Contrasting imagery built to vividly. Love how the impressions changed and the last line summed it up all perfectly!

    Liked by 1 person

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