Sometimes the pain is unbearable

The constant agony irrefutable

Like a sailor lost in the vast ocean

I’m just caught up in the motions

Trying not to let the fear sink in

Trying to believe that I’m just dreaming

But this dream is nothing but a nightmare

And I can feel is hate, cowardice … fear

 I try to be as good as I possibly can

But after all is said and done, I’m still just a man

And so I just keep on going

Ignoring all the warnings

But they keep on piling it on

The load on my back feels like it weighs a tonne

And all I do is smile under their constant watch

The only thing that can help me now is a bottle of scotch

Cause its not the feat that I find impossible

Its their expectations that don’t seem plausible

With each feat I accomplish they expect more

They don’t understand that I’m still sore

But I keep on moving with the pressure

I don’t need a refresher

Because greatness is my goal

Like a diamond forged from a piece of coal


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