I Had Forgotten – Joy

There were a lot of worries on my mind

But I cast them all to the wind

I turned around, I was leaving them behind

I was on a journey for repentance; an atonement for my sin

I had been gone for a long time

I was soldier; I went to join the war

I had wasted my prime

My youth passed me like a blur

I had forgotten how to be young

I had a son, I had left him with his mother

We had him a while before I left

But he was still young; he was a toddler

Taking me from him felt like theft

I had forgotten how to embrace

I thought the battle would quickly be over

That we had the strength, the men

It’s hard to believe that I used to be sober

For everyone we felled, there were ten

I had forgotten how to live

Nevertheless we pressed on

The skies were filled with a might thundering

The sound of bullets, cannons and guns

The sound of a terrible rumbling


The clouds of dirt had covered the sun

What hope we had I was left wondering

I thought that all our hope was gone

Our chances had come crashing and tumbling


But I escaped, I survived

I managed to leave the army; I got discharged

I came back home to my beautiful wife

I held my young son in my arms

I had forgotten this joy



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