Nick and Clarissa

Clarissa had tried to stay awake; she really had. But between the soft snow falling outside, the gentle music playing from the radio and the comfy fire right next to her, she was fighting a losing battle.

It was just after 10 when Clarissa finally lost that battle; her eyes fell shut as she went asleep in the beautiful winter night. The fire’s light cast over her like some kind of angel; after all she has been a (mostly) good kid this year and Nick knew that. Just as he knew most things.

Parking on top of the roof he got down with a bit of a thumo; he was a bit round at the edges. He heard a neigh behind him, as always, the reindeer were hungry; he would see if there were any carrots left.

Climbing down the chimney was always the hardest part; it would be impossible if not for elfish magic. Not that Nick was an elf though, he and his brothers just worked with them.

As Nick came down into the still active fireplace he saw Clarissa cutely snoring away. Nick smiled; it was tough living in the north pole. With the grumpy drawfs, mischievous elves and terribly cold weather; it was harsh. But Nick, Nicholas, Santa and their 4 brothers enjoyed every moment of it. They sole reason was the eagerness of the little children.

Nick took Clarissa in his arms; princess carry style. He tucked her in her bed, gently stroking her hair. He came back down; drinking the milk and eating the cookies. He remembered to store the carrots away for later.

Clarissa’s parents had already bought presents but that didn’t stop Nick from putting his own under the Christmas tree, nothing much though.

Climbing back up the chimney Nick looked over the residence; all were asleep. He got back on his sleigh making sure to feed the reindeer; it was a long night ahead.

Merry Christmas All

Just wishing you a very Merry Christmas; hoping you spend this time with your loved ones or cats.

Top Hat The Icognito Writer

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