Sprinkles of darkness.

Another great post by chaos-xd; truly magnificent.

A Glimpse of Darkness

​The serene smell of paradise filled the air as the sunlight kissed clouds happily spread rainbows through the sparking voids. Distant giggles of the young fairies playing hide and seek amongst the misty fog echoed the skies, spreading sprinkles of joy. Slender figures glided through the air fluttering their benign wings as thecalmclouds made way following themaround, leaving fragrant trails of sparkles radiating in the mid air.

I watched them from a distance, laying lazily on a tender cloud, cursing the glare that hurt my eyes. Feeling week and grumpy, I brushed away the tender dew drops that sprinkled upon my golden skin. I scoffed at the occasional breeze that tickled my face. I couldn’t help feeling disgusted about my ungrateful self.

My eyes stretching all the way down gasping for curiosity of the forbidden lands.

Fighting the guilt, I walked towards the forbidden territory that guarded the…

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