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What Is Life – Anger

What is life

I ask my self as I feel the anger rising

Destroying everything I hold dear

Locking me in

Am I alive

Another question I ask

As the rage consumes me

Covering everything in black

What’s the purpose of life

What’s its aim

Is it to steal

Is it claim

Claim all those around me

The endless, torturous theft

Why can’t I ever be free

Will it stop when there is nothing left

But now all I see is red

Red of the treacherous flames

The blood of the undead

The blood of those without names

As I try to swim, stay afloat

Drowning without hope

A sailor without his boat

I had fallen off the slope

What is life I ask

And why does it anger me so?


6 comments on “What Is Life – Anger

  1. This reminded me of someone I love, but has lost a lot cause of misplaced anger issues! The one most of my writings are about! Beautifully written ! ✌


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