My Daily Life: The Festive Mood

I walk down the streets; its filled with glimmering lights

The Christmas decorations are still up, they’ll probably be there till New Years

In all truth, the beauty of the place is such a sight

But I would rather be anywhere else but here

The street is bustling with people; friends and families

They are all with smiling faces

But that smile is difficult for me

I don’t like crowded places

Sure I enjoy the festive season with all its blitz and glamour

The amazing and stunning decorations

But the songs and bells seem like constant yammer

The constant streams of people test my patience

So call me grumpy, call me moody

I’ll be at home nursing a hot cocoa

And while I might be bit broody

I’m certainly not loco

So smile, laugh, have fun

But at home is were I’ll stay

Watching television and hiding from the sun

I’ll enjoy the festive season my own way

The Icognito Writer

In response to Festive by The Daily Post


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