The Muse – What Am I?

The panel was back; they assaulted me with blinding light

Another series of polite introductions; I keep my lips sealed tight

Another couple of questions in this lonely hall

They seemed polite but all I felt was gall

What are you, they questioned with great bias

They sought to know what was under the mask

They wanted to know my plan

As if I gave a damn

I started simply, after all it was just a scam

I wasn’t about to be irritated by fools in an ornate sham

I was a man of youth; still in his prime

I was an innocent man; I had done no crime

I was rather literate myself; I could give a fancy speech

Though my singing sounded like a big fat screech

I think its very good to occasionally reflect on oneself

A man should always understand himself


I’m a person who likes to cut loose

My actions can sometimes be abstruse

I like to eat the cake I’ve already had

Sadness often makes me mad

My words may seem like nothing but an echo

But they’re no one’s but my mine; mine and mine alone

I prefer not to fight; I cower

I enjoy the sight of flowers

Questions asked; weapons drawn

Fighting till the break of dawn

But that is who we are

Even though it seems quite bizarre

You ask me such pressuring questions, how can you be so forward?

Nevertheless I will make like an Alexander and push onward

I had always been what I had at the start

A person made up of his parts

My words are like a smoking gun

I fire and run

That’s how I can stand here today

What I am is what I say



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