A Little Adventure

Thomas was on an adventure; he had enlisted the forces of Commander Green, Superman and The Hulk to aid him in his quest; the infamous Batman was being held captive by the ruthless being known as The Sister.

The Sister and her evil band of misfits, the My Little Ponies, had kidnapped Batman in the dead of the night; at 5 pm. Thomas had gone reporting the government body known as Parents but he had come out empty handed; he would have to do this on his own.

He had commissioned the help of his friends and was on his way down the dreaded hallway; he could hear the evil voices of laughter from the down the hall. Tom picked up a marble and put it in his pocket; it was ordinary marble but it was the Eye Of Sauron. Rolling over, he managed to arrive at the beast’s lair but it was too late. They had already begun the torture and Batman was covered in pink; he had tried his best.

Raiding in the liar, Tom fought in his friend’s memory. He fought for vengeance, he fought for honour but most of all he fought because Sister had taken the last pizza slice. The battle was long and tough; lasting a whole four minutes. It was only when Sister began the endless eye waterfalls that Tom knew he had been defeated truly defeated.

Mr. Alva came into the room to see it a mess; dolls and action figures thrown all across the room. In the midst of it all was his crying little girl and his disappointed little boy. Mr. Alva couldn’t help but smile. Sure Tom would get scolded and so would Jane, but they were good kids always looking for new things to discover. And there would a lot more things for them to discover, he would make sure of it.

In response to Discover by The Daily Post

The Icognito Writer


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