“You sure?” she asked, her voice shy and uncomfortable.

“Yes I’m sure; I will always love you” I said, “I’ll be waiting for you when you come back.”

“Okay then” she said, seemingly satisfied, “Love you too. Bye!”

I watched her walk to the the airport gates, disappearing among a sea of travellers; her blond here like a torch in the midst of a black sea. I wished that she didn’t have to go; that her company didn’t call her for a three-month long business trip. I also wished that she wasn’t lying.

I knew that the business trip was only two months; she would be spending the last one with her lover. I also knew that he wasn’t the only guy she was cheating on me with; there were plenty others. But after all was said and done I told her that I loved and that I will always love her. Most of all, I wished I was lying.

The Icognito Writer


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