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The Amazing Goat Of Wall Street

Alexia, a goat that likes pizza went out for a swim on a street that was dead to mankind. using only her super-senses, she decided that she could fly and bring her friends; Spidey, Juicy, Tomothy  and Laquisha. The might five called ‘Liquids’ flew around Wall Street.

Flying at 500 cm/h they were exhausted; they decided to buy some lamborghinis to help replenish their speed. Later, after their 501 m/day journey they arranged their shoes and polished their nails.

The Icognito Writer: Before you ask, no I’m not crazy. I played a game of a word a turn with a friend a while back and this is the result. I just found it so what do you know?

5 comments on “The Amazing Goat Of Wall Street

  1. it was fun reading but honestly everything went above my head!!!!


  2. Catroon scenario😂Love it❤

    Liked by 1 person

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