Revisit: The Coffeehouse

Tristan settled down in his usual spot; the third chair to the left from the right back corner. There he could see most of the people in the run down coffeehouse. The walls were moulding; their colours have long since faded. The chairs and tables creaked, threatening to break if you looked at them the …



It was cold on the day I first met you But like a warm fire you comforted me I was torn when I first met you Now that's nothing but memories We were in love within the year Together, we both were free Whispering secrets in the ear But that's nothing but memories I wish …

The Words

Words, they flow unto the paper Like whispers from Mother Nature Softly and gently, through the night The words they caress me; I hold them tight The Icognito Writer: In response to Four Lines For Poetry - #1 Words

The Boy And The Clock That Stopped

One of my more popular posts last year

The Icognito Writer

He woke up

He was sweaty and burning up but he wasn’t worried

It was the middle of summer

It was the end of his life

He stood up

He walked to the staircase landing where he tarried

It was 9 in the night, only 2 hours after supper

It was the only 2 hours of his life

He walked down

Planning to get sometime out of the fridge to drink

It was a long walk

It was a long night

He turned around

The clock said it was still 9 and he began to think

They finished supper at 7, just after dinner talk

Something was not right

It was there in the pale moonlight that the clock stopped

Tick … tock … tick … Tock

It was there in the darkest night that his body stopped

Tick … tock … tick … Tock

It was there at the…

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The Codfish

It was a peaceful life in the pond; there were no fishermen. James loved swimming among the lilies as his orange spots glimmered in the green of the pond. Arthur preferred a much quieter life; his darker scales made sure he didn't stand out too much. James would often come and disturb Arthur, the young …


Sunshine; rising from the trees Filling up the leaves With its ever present glow The Icognito Writer: In reponse to Three Line Tales - Week 52 from Only 100 Words

The Lion

The lion was thinking; waiting. Like a fury, a being of vengeance it wanted nothing more than to lash out at its prey. But it wasn't time yet; it wasn't time. And so the beast waited and ruminated. And when the time came, like the furies of old, it was nothing more than a wild beast. It …

The Leaves Fall

The leaves fall Gently as they do so For it is their nature For it is their muse Quietly and softly they touch the ground The leaves; red, yellow and orange Without a single noise They have surrendered to gravity The Icognito Writer: In response to Free Flow Friday - Surrender from Free Flow Friday

A Tale Of Miss Fortune

One of my favourite pieces from last year

The Icognito Writer

Mark Hamwell drove out of house in his silver hatchback; he would have gone with his truck but he was planning a surprise. The air was a bit cold outside but it didn’t bother him that much; nothing did these days. Mark turned right at the corner and drove up the highway; he wanted to go the fast route, after all, he had so much planned and so little time.

Mark arrived at the little flower shop on the 71st Avenue about fifteen minutes later. He parked in one of the few open spaces on the street; it was crowded with cars whose owners had left for the shopping markets a couple of blocks down.

As Mark got out of the car he was hit with nostalgia; this place brought back memories. Mark looked up to the familiar sign, ‘Flowry Dreams’; the ‘e’ had fallen off a long time ago making the sign seem…

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Hello Hell

Embers falling all around Smoke rising from the ground Wailing cries fill the air This world is full of despair Walking this path on my own The only path that I've ever known Worn and hurt down inside Cause there's no one by my side Broken bones; I'm giving up Guess this life of mine …


A Glimpse of Darkness

My writingsshimmer,

In the screaming dark,

So honestly true,

Like a burning spark.

Stab me babe,

and watch me bleed,

With all that hate,

Gore and greed.

Hear me scream,

In the burning rain,

Ditch me in the oceans

Of blood and pain.

Rip me apart,

Curse my soul,

I don’t need a heart,

To love you a whole.

Let me die inside,

Crushed and cold,

And love you more,

Than eternity shall hold.

Hurt me, sugar.

Let the voices haunt.

Crush me to dust,

All you want.

People will come,

Wishing me well,

To give me life,

And throw me in hell.

Ignore the voices,

They have no clue.

I’ll burn down the sky,

If they stop you.

Normal is boring,

Lavished with sadness,

Let me love you,

With my all mymadness.

I’m friends with the whispers,

That haunt my head,

They make me love…

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Way Back Then

I was younger then Barely old enough to know the world Take me back to when Treehouse nights weren't absurd I was on the shorter side Barely 5 foot high But when we climbed the slides I felt like I could touch the sky I was ten The world was still new to me I …


I felt nothing. Smoke rose from the grounds obscuring my vision. I didn't need to see to know that this was hell; hell on earth. It wasn't long until my sense returned; I wasn't dead, at least not yet. The intense heat came first. I felt like I was being stuck in a furnace; roasted alive. …